We blend style, nanotechnology and function.

OM D'EON  is a contemporary jewellery brand based in Portugal since 2014.

The chosen name 'Om D'eon' translates to resonance of eternity, serving as a tribute statement to ancient crystals which we have the honour of working with.

The conceptual design is based in different realms of object categorisation: beauty, decoration, symbolism and function. 

Most crystals are used in their original morphology, preserving the highest molecular frequency which optimises the performance of transmuting the electromagnetic fields and adds the attribute of exclusivity to the piece.

This minimalist dual-use jewellery is both an expression of one's identity as it is of utility. 

As a brand, our mission is to create personal objects that blend Art & Science, with the final purpose of serving the wearer's most highly intentions.


Sílvia Cotrim was born in Stockholm, lived in different locations of Europe and currently is working and living in Lisbon.

Architecture BA in Lisbon, jewellery studies in Berlin.